Tracey heads the IT Service Delivery function within the Business Systems directorate of the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The SQA has two main roles – accreditation and awarding qualifications. Within these, SQA offers a range of services to businesses and training providers, from course and centre approval to customised awards, endorsement, credit rating and licensing services.

Tracey’s role is to develop, lead and motivate the team tasked with the day-to-day delivery of IT services.

Tracey’s thoughts

For several years, I’d been interested in undertaking an MBA, but my work and family commitments meant I didn’t have the scope to do so – until the opportunity to join this online programme arose.

Seeing the Executive Mini MBA Accelerator programme, and being able to save hours during Covid by working from home instead of commuting, it seemed the right time to take the step.

I am from a technical IT background and have gradually moved into management and leadership roles, but often find I get into the weeds of things and don’t always allow myself to keep a distance and let matters play out.

With this, I find I over-support the team when they are capable of working things out for themselves.

Applying the learning

Most importantly, I’ve gained a better understanding of how to identify the dynamics and strengths of each member of the team and how to help develop these.

This will impact my role by better enabling my team to support one another with greater confidence. As a result, this should free up time to look at the future of our department and how we can positively impact and support transformational change in the SQA.

Additionally, the programme has strengthened my understanding in relation to financial and budgetary responsibilities in my area of operation.

I have also learned that I am extremely passionate about continuing to learn!


The structure and pace of the course was excellent, with a perfect level of detail and a great programme of breakout sessions with the right number of people, during which we enjoyed good discussions at pace and shared experience and opinions with people from different sectors and industries.

The tutors – David Smith-Collins, Phillip Barnes and Stewart McCombe – were very engaging and extremely knowledgeable. They were thorough, full of energy and insightful. I started and ended each of day full of enthusiasm and excitement to learn more, and felt thoroughly engaged and supported throughout.

I would absolutely recommend this course, whether to progress to do the qualification (which I’m excited to be doing), get a sense of the benefits of further study or to be better-placed to make decisions about organisational development.

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