In House and Bespoke Training

Our in house and bespoke training is a highly flexible, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment.

Your team will learn together allowing them to discuss the unique circumstances of your organisation, making the learning even more relevant.

We specialise in delivering training on core business subjects such as leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, corporate governance, finance, marketing, digital transformation and so much more.

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    At In Professional Development we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality learning experience – be it within our specially selected venues across the UK, or within your own office space.

    Through our experience of working with clients in education and industry, we understand how training works and have the know-how to design and deliver accredited and non-accredited programmes that really makes a difference. Our approach to in house and bespoke training is highly flexible, cost and time effective and brings your team together to learn and discuss the unique circumstances of your organisation in a strategic environment.

    Our in house and bespoke training offer:


    In house training programmes

    All of our courses can be delivered at a location and date of your choosing. Simply select the course you require and get in touch.

    We can also tailor any of our programmes to exactly suit your particular objectives and requirements, ensuring industry relevancy and maximum impact for your business.

    Bespoke training solutions

    We work with you to assess your business and people objectives to develop an in house training and development programme from the bottom up, to help you to achieve your goals.

    Our approach will ensure your team share your business goals and deliver increased productivity.

    Virtual training solutions

    All our programmes are available via the virtual classroom. Using video conferencing technology we are able to deliver highly interactive, solution based training to your team regardless of their location.

    Our tailored solutions allow you to work through live scenarios together as a remote team.


    Our course portfolio:

    1 day courses:


    • Negotiate Confidently,
    • Emotional Intelligence,
    • Strategic Leadership Masterclass,
    • Conflict Transformation,
    • Understanding Resilience,
    • Coaching Masterclass for Leaders,
    • Public Speaking Masterclass.

    These courses are suitable for a minimum of 8 people.

    Prices starting from £2,500

    2 day courses:


    • The Role of the Director and the Board,
    • The Role of the Managing Director,
    • Finance for Non-Finance Directors,
    • Strategic Marketing and Communications for Directors course,
    • Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors,
    • Advanced Leadership for Directors.

    These courses are suitable for a minimum of 8 people.

    Prices starting from £3,500

    3 day courses:


    • Agile Leadership Programme,
    • Creating and Leading High Performing Team,
    • CMI Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring Programme,
    • CMI Level 7 Digital Leadership Programme,
    • CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management Programme.

    These courses are suitable for a minimum of 8 people.

    Prices starting from £4,500

    4 and 5 day courses:

    Toxic leadership part 2


    • Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring programme,
    • Level 7 Senior Leadership programme,
    • Digital Marketing and Social Media,
    • Advanced Sales Leadership programme,
    • Executive Mini-MBA Programme,
    • Directors Development Programme.


    Our approach


    We work with clients to deliver solutions that offer maximise value and impact. We follow a clear and simple methodology:

    IN House Process


    Step 1 – Consult

    One of our specialists will consult with you to explore your specific needs, discuss potential approaches and solutions – this can be done in person or over the phone.

    Step 2 – Identify

    We will focus on identifying the desired impact and overarching objective of the programme along with an approach for measuring and evaluating success. We will then work closely with you to design a tailored solution or training programme that best meet your organisational needs.


    Step 3 – Develop

    Using our extensive team of academic experts and industry practitioners we will design and build a custom programme based on our findings. Our team will align a bespoke development solution to your specific organisational strategy and development objectives.

    Step 4 – Approve

    We will present our findings and proposal and for your approval. This gives you the final say on the content, method and approach. We will make any necessary amends and tweaks before final approval giving you complete confidence that your programme will have maximum impact.

    Step 5 – Deliver

    Whether onsite, offsite or online we will coordinate all aspects of delivery, logistics and attendee communications. Our team will deliver a programme around your existing organisational commitments ensuring that there is minimum disruption to your core business but adding maximum value. Our approach takes the pain out of delivering an in house programme saving you time and money.

    Step 6 – Evaluate

    All our tailored and in house programmes are results driven. We will work with your to agree what success looks like and evaluate our own performance and the impact of our intervention against your learning objectives.


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