Name: Mark Gleave

Company: Healthbox

Course: Bespoke Directors Development Programme

Mark is the Project Manager for Healthbox – a Cheshire-based Community Interest Company (CIC) that delivers health promotion programmes in the north west of England.

Healthbox has expanded over the past 12 months and, to manage this expansion, it introduced a senior management team, and promoted its director from within. As many of these team members are new to their roles, it was decided that they should receive in house training, which was created in partnership with In Professional Development (INPD).

The objectives prior to the course were to identify the differences between the role of director and the senior management team, learn strategies for negotiation (which can be difficult as CICs are supposed to be non-profit making), and improve the company’s understanding of digital marketing.

Mark’s thoughts

The course exceeded my expectations. It went far beyond the basics, and was explained in an enjoyable manner with very relevant, real-life examples. The course provided us with valuable information around company culture, vision and mission, strategy, director roles and responsibilities, marketing, and finance.

The tutors were very knowledgeable and personable. I found it helpful to have different tutors who specialised in different topics.

I enjoyed the in house training programme very much and found it all extremely helpful.

Applying the learning

We have already started to draft our collective mission and vision so that all current staff members are aware of it. Furthermore, we are including company vision and mission questions within our interview processes to ensure we recruit staff with similar values to ourselves.

We have also been using the tools given to us such as the ‘Influence, Control and Concern circles’ with our staff, in order to reduce stress and manage expectations, especially while they are still remote working.

Some of our key messages and theories now include: the difference between a vision and a mission, 4 types of company strategy, the Golden Circle, Raci chart, and the 7 P’s of marketing. Understanding concepts of strategy and marketing has been very useful as these are areas that none of us had much experience in before this course.


I enjoyed the course very much and would advise other SMEs to attend. The experiences that the trainers had were very relevant and gave us an insight into the potential rewards and pitfalls ahead.

While it appeared that we were implementing much of the information already, it was useful to be able to understand the theories behind what we were doing and why. It was also useful to recognise which areas we could improve and which strategies to achieve our goals. Thank you INPD!