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How We Got Here

In the 1980s and 1990s across the World, there were some spectacular corporate collapses. Maxwell. Mirror Group. Polly Peck. BCCI and most recently House of Fraser. The first Cadbury report came out in 1992. Since then, more and more emphasis has been placed not just on running a business profitably but also correctly. The latest report focuses on the various elements that make a Board function to the benefit of a company and its shareholders. But, as a nation we are not there yet. We still have corporate disasters. Woolworths, BHS, Toys R Us, Capita and others pending. Yes, and the business you know around the corner. Why? There is a difference between an Executive role (Sales, Finance, Procurement) and understanding corporate governance. What is required is rore training for directors, fewer corporate basket cases and business fatalities, which in turn will lead to a greater understanding.

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