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A 2 day course held at venues across the UK.

The Digitally Ready Leader: Keeping Organisations Safe and Secure in the Digital Era

Staying safe digitally is the number one challenge facing organisations today.

Digitisation creates business value through digitised assets and expanded connectivity. But it is also increasing exposure to cyber-attacks. The exponential growth of networked connections leaves data more vulnerable to attacks, creating a growing need for cyber security skills and professionals.

Emerging digital technologies have the potential to truly reshape the world in which we live and work. Leaders across organisations of all shapes and sizes, must not only know what is on the horizon but also start preparing and planning now.

The modern-day leader needs to understand the complexities associated with cyber security, both from strategic and operational levels, if they are going to be in a position to challenge those around them.

No upcoming dates available, please get in touch.

Learning objectives

Attendance at the Cyber Security for Executives Programme will help you help your organisation be safe in the digital environment. It will arm delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively managing a successful cyber strategy for their own organisation.

Learning outcomes of the course will include:

  • Explain the need and importance of cybersecurity.
  • Explain the characteristics and value of personal data and data within an organization.
  • Recognize the characteristics and operation of a cyber-attack.
  • Interpret the trends in the cyber threat landscape.
  • Understand how to protect devices from threats.
  • Master how to safeguard your privacy.
  • Learn techniques to protect organisations from cyber-attacks.
  • Recognise the behaviour-based approach to cybersecurity.
  • Understand legal and ethical issues in cybersecurity.

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