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December 12 - 13 - Manchester

April 23 - 24 2019 - Manchester

This course will introduce you to the processes and methodologies of marketing planning and strategy. You will develop a tactical perspective on the underlying issues that affect a business and how they can be remedied through effective strategic planning in marketing.

You will explore marketing planning through presentations and discussions, information from your lecturer, and learning from examples of good practice for creating a strategic marketing plan.

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Learning Outcomes

  • A clear understanding of the board and director’s role in strategic marketing development
  • Develop critical thinking skills required to successfully develop and build a coherent and effective marketing strategy
  • Understand how an effective board and senior leadership team drives and influences strategic marketing approaches
  • A director’s view of the role of Digital and social marketing
  • Develop techniques for driving value and market share from research and insights
  • An understanding the importance and value of brand and how to leverage commercial advantage through a delivered brand promise
  • An understanding of the range of tactics and techniques for influencing the purchasing decision making process
  • An understanding of the key elements of effective design, planning, research and stakeholder engagement.
  • Articulate the importance of a well-developed marketing strategy
  • Practical frameworks for effective Public affairs and stakeholder communications
  • Be able to deploy a range of techniques and tools for effective strategic marketing
  • Improved problem solving and analytical thinking skills
  • An understanding of the range of tools and techniques in the delivery of a strategic marketing plan
  • Be well equipped to assess the marketing landscape, analysing the key strategic considerations both internally and externally to the organisation
  • Increased confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction
  • Coherent strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation
  • Strategic marketing defined: a decision-making process for generating a strategic change perspective. What it is, what it involves and how it relates to and differs from corporate strategy and tactical marketing
  • Strategic analysis tools and how to apply them to generate insights, including the BCG/GE Portfolio matrices and SWOT analysis
  • Growth strategy including market penetration, market development, new product development and diversification
  • Frameworks for competitive advantage and brand position development
  • How to write a one page marketing strategy statement
  • How to critically assess a strategic marketing plan
  • Action planning and review

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