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February 4 - 7 2019 - London

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The Digitally Ready Leader: Transforming Organisations in the Digital Era

Transforming digitally is the number one business challenge facing organisations today. Staying relevant in a digital world is the number one personal challenge we all currently face.

Building on three views of digital - the strategic view, the organisational view and the innovation view – the ‘CMI Level 7 Digital Leadership Programme’ provides a comprehensive suite of tools and knowledge aligned to a 360-degree view of leading and overseeing your organisation in an age of digital disruption.


Emerging digital technologies have the potential to reshape the world in which we live and work. They can be game changers, creating entirely new products and services while shifting pools of value between producers, or from producers to consumers. Organisations will often need to use business model innovations to capture some of this value.

Leaders across organisations of all shapes and sizes must be ‘digitally ready’ – to know what’s on the horizon and start preparing and planning for it now. Leaders are needed who can combine thinking and acting strategically with the ability to transform their organisations digitally. They must possess the self-belief, understanding and drive to take their organisations through the many challenges that digitally-led change brings, to be the leaders for now and the future.

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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes of the course will include:

  • Walk away with a strategy to implement into your business
  • Understanding digital disruption and its impact, opportunities and threats, plus emerging themes and current trends
  • Understanding the challenges posed by GDPR and making sure that your organisation is "digitally ready"
  • Ability to carry out measurement and evaluation processes
  • Conducting a digital disruption landscape audit for your organisation
  • Creating a collaborative digital strategy for your organisation
  • Identifying the key digital initiatives to be implemented and developing an action plan to deliver them
  • Agreeing the Key Performance Indicators metrics and analytics to be used in measuring digital performance, business impact and ROI
  • Ensuring all key success factors have been considered
  • Understanding the steps required to become a Future Digital Leader

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