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Leadership as an action rather than a role designation. It is the development of leadership practices and behaviours through individual and group reflection with the goal of creating new behaviours and mindsets.

Teams often work in environments where they have little power over their fellow team members and holding team members accountable for their actions can be difficult. Individual members must develop and use skills of negotiation, influence, and persuasion to get work done. Individuals, no matter their title or level within an organisation, have opportunities within their teams to exercise leadership and consciously reflect on their actions in real-time. It is the constant consciousness and intent of personal and team learning that leads to perspective change and refines and enhances leadership practices and behaviours (David Schmittlein, MIT Sloan).

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Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to think and act strategically;
  • The ability to make informed, evidence based, decisions;
  • An understanding of how to motivate staff, who create and maintain a high-performance culture;
  • Greater self-awareness and responsibility for self-development;
  • An understanding of inter-organisational strategic direction and planning.

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