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A 2 day course held at venues across the UK.

The principal role of the Chair of the Board is to manage and provide leadership to the Board of Directors of a company. The Chair is accountable to the Board and liaises directly between it and the management of the company through the Chief Executive Officer.

No upcoming dates available, please get in touch.

Learning objectives

Attendance at the Role of the Chair will help you become a more effective leader. It will arm you with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively governing a successful organisation.

On successful completion of the module, delegates will understand how to:

  • compose, chair and lead a Board and make it effective
  • provide entrepreneurial leadership of a company within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enable risk to be assessed and managed
  • set the Company’s strategic aims, ensuring the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the company to meet objectives
  • review management performance, maximising the performance of both executive and non-executive directors
  • set the company’s values and standards, ensuring its obligations to shareholders, stakeholders and others are understood and met
  • deliver sound judgement, including understanding of timing and relative value, based on solid experience (including mistakes)
  • be empathetic – a preparedness to listen (ahead of speaking) and appreciate, but not be swayed by, every different opinion together with the patience to develop matters at the speed appropriate to the company
  • maintain integrity – be honest and straightforward, consistent and reliable irrespective of the circumstances, audience or pressures

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