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A 2 day course held at venues across the UK.

The main role of an Executive Personal Assistant (PA) is to provide support and guidance to a senior executive or company director. Essentially, you help to run their life.

A PA manages every aspect of an Executive’s day, from scheduling meetings and booking appointments, through to answering their phone and organising their correspondence. Other duties of an Executive PA include the following:

  • taking minutes
  • arranging transportation, and other necessary logistics
  • running professional and personal errands
  • liaising with clients
  • managing expenses

No upcoming dates available, please get in touch.

Learning objectives

Attendance on the ‘Role of the Executive PA’ will help you become an effective and efficient Executive PA. It will provide you with the skills and confidence required to work at the top in this role. This course allows you to enhance your skills and prove to employers, recruiters or your senior team that you are able to fulfil your duties to the highest standards:

On successful completion of the course, delegates’ learning outcomes will include:

  • Synchronising your role with that of your executive and providing effective support
  • Setting priorities, managing your role / career to meet executives’ needs
  • Gaining a greater understanding of the executive mindset and corporate objectives
  • Understanding how to handle stakeholders and their importance to your role
  • Developing relationships throughout the organisation
  • The importance of emotional intelligence at work
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication and negotiating skills
  • Different questioning styles; how to use questions effectively
  • Obtaining an enhanced ability to influence others
  • Delegation, multi-tasking effectively, taking initiative
  • Introduction to Management theory and styles of management
  • Understanding the role of social media in the modern executive arena
  • Overview of process and project management
  • Working with key functions such as Finance and Human Resources
  • The roles and responsibilities of an Executive PA:
  • business letter writing
  • document presentation and proofreading
  • taking a lead role in meetings
  • taking minutes effectively and efficiently
  • project management
  • budget management

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