Introducing the Executive Mini MBA


The Executive Mini MBA is a highly applied and participative programme and is designed for middle managers, to senior managers, as well as those at the top of their profession. Designed for those with a minimum 3 years management, the programme equips professionals with practical information and core competencies that they can apply quickly on the job.

The Executive Mini MBA offers an unapparelled learning experience and provides the core material expected from a high-quality MBA programme. Participants will develop higher level leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and have the motivation to implement change and to effectively improve management and organisational practices.

Key Taught Elements

The programme consists of 5 core elements delivered over 5 Modules: 

  • Leadership in Action (2 day)
  • Managing Excellence in Processes & Projects (2 day)
  • Marketing Across Boundaries (2 day)
  • Finance for Managers (3 day)
  • Strategic Management (2 day)

Benefits of Attendees

By completing the Executive Mini MBA Directors Development Programme you will:

  • The essential theory, practice and techniques of an MBA condensed in to high quality short programme;
  • Savings in your time and the huge costs involved in enrolling for a traditional MBA course;
  • Guidance on your strategic planning with current tools, techniques and thinking;
  • Improvement on the bottom line with your increased financial understanding;
  • Exponential improvement in your leadership skills and personal confidence;
  • Measurable results with your enhanced knowledge of key strategic marketing tactics;
  • Success in the project you undertake with a greater understanding of how to take a project from start to completion successfully;
  • Improvement on your ability to influence and impact colleagues and clients;
  • Enhanced negotiation techniques and skills to increase your success in commercial agreements

Your Options

We appreciate that your time is precious and costly so development programmes like our Mini MBA need to fit around you and your business. The programme has therefore been designed with the busy executive in mind giving participants the support they want and the way they want it.

The full mini MBA is a comprehensive and detailed development programme. Consisting of 5 modules, it is delivered over a period of 6 to 12 months. This approach gives participants complete flexibility around their busy working and personal lives. Attendees can choose dates from a rolling calendar of modules until they have completed the programme.

complete the MINI MBA in just 5 days! This programme is an intense learning experience and benefits those who prefer to complete the course in a condensed and continuous format.

Not interested in all the aspects of the Mini MBA? Then simply pick and mix specific modules from the options available! You don’t have to complete the full programme, just register for the modules that interest you the most.

What to expect…

Contemporary management ideas and techniques are fused with exemplary best practice from industry. The result is an innovative programme that encourages those in attendance to apply the very best in management thinking and leadership to live and demanding challenges in their organisational context. There is a strong focus on ‘action learning', integrating theory with workplace practice, plus an innovative mix of group and individual learning experiences.

The Executive Mini MBA is taught in small groups, not in large lecture theatres, offering a more personal style of teaching, tailored to participant needs. Our approach provides an enhanced and collaborative learning experience, using the real-world challenges of participants to put concepts, principles and ideas in to practice. 

Entry Requirements

  • Work experience: Minimum of 3- 5 years of management experience
  • Academic qualifications: Undergraduate degree. Equivalent, relevant work experience also accepted.
  • English language: Confident business English (all teaching and learning materials are provided in English only)


You can attend the Directors Development Programme on an accredited basis and achieve a PGCert in Business Administration through the University of Chester (60 credits)

[Click here for further details about the PG cert accreditation]

Participants deciding to opt for the non-accredited route still benefit from the CPD points for attending each module.

Professor Ashford has more than 25 years’ experience in Higher Education management within post-92 Business Schools in the United Kingdom. She has previously served as Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law at Manchester Metropolitan University and Executive Dean of Business and Management at the University of Chester. As the former Chief Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) she was involved with the International launch of the CIM Student Chapter and CIM Professional syllabus. She served on the Quality Assurance Agency review panel for the UK benchmark standards in Business and Management for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

Key areas of expertise include: strategic development for domestic and international programme growth; Business School restructuring; complexity and change management; curriculum development including apprenticeships and international franchises; leading School quinquennial reviews; professional body accreditation; recruitment/selection and mentoring senior academics; developing and designing school identities including visions, missions and communications strategies.

Programme modules

Learn these modules separately, or all in one go with our fast track 5 day Mini MBA Accelerator Course.

Module 1: Leadership in Action

You will learn about key leadership requirements such as managing others and yourself, developing communities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the importance of ethics in leadership and HRM.

Module 2: Finance for Managers

You will be introduced to the important areas of financial knowledge for managers. These will include financial accounting, management and cost accounting, making investment decisions and value based management.

Module 3: Marketing Across Boundaries

You will be introduced to key marketing concepts such as target marketing, buyer behaviour and the importance of branding. You will critique strategies and the marketing mix and understand the importance of the global marketplace, the importance of cultural dynamics and digital and social marketing.

Module 4: Managing Excellence in Processes and Projects

You will discover the strategic importance of achieving excellence in processes and project management, as well as process design, delivery and improvement. You will learn the essential principles of effective project management and seeking total quality control.

Module 5: Strategic Management

You will learn about making strategic decisions, customer and competitor analysis, managing strategic information, communicating values and objectives, strategic alliances, strategy development and managing change.

Mini MBA Accelerator

Complete all 5 modules in one go with our fast track Mini MBA Accelerator Course.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The Mini MBA provides the essential framework necessary to better understand all functional areas of an organisation and assists in developing skills to better direct important decisions. During the programme, you will gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the key business concepts
  • A framework for making better strategic business decisions
  • An increased ability to think critically and act strategically
  • An increased confidence in your ability to communicate effectively
  • A solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions that are reliable, well-grounded and commercially viable.

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