in>House and Bespoke Training

With our experience of working with clients in education and industry, we understand how training works and how to design and deliver programmes that make a difference.

Our in>House and Bespoke training is a highly flexible, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment.

Since programmes are held at your premises (or a venue of your choice), you save both money and time, and your team are learning together. They can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organisation, making the learning even more relevant and effective.

Our in>House Training takes a number of forms:

Bespoke in>House training solutions

We work with you from scratch to assess your business and people objectives and develop an in-house training and development programme from the bottom up, to help you to achieve your goals

Tailored in>House training programmes

Here we adapt the course length, content and emphasis of existing courses and programmes to suit your particular objectives and requirements

Standard courses

You choose from our list of publicly run programmes, delivered in>House, where content and format is based on the current programme.

in>House and Bespoke Training offers:


We incorporate case studies and learning methods relevant to your team so they can put their learning into practice straight away with immediate impact

Convenience and minimal disruption

Learning is scheduled to fit with you’re the day to day activities of your business and, because it is held at premises of your choice, your people do not incur the expense and loss of time from travelling further afield.


You pay per event, rather than per person, giving you the opportunity of a larger return on your investment.


You do not need to design a course, train a trainer, worry about the administration and logistics – we do all the work for you


We deliver learning in a variety of different formats to suit your particular requirements - master classes, bite size, lunch and learn, seminars, etc


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Why Choose in>pd

in>Professional Development provides accredited leadership and management courses, transforming the learning of professionals across every sector.

From your first contact with us, we will help you tailor the precise training you or your company needs.

That’s the in>pd way.

Why Choose in>pd

Benefits of using in>pd

  • Our courses and programmes are delivered face-to-face in modern, convenient locations and can also be delivered in house on your premises
  • Receive maximum return on your training and development investment
  • Get involved in high-quality, content-driven events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network and share knowledge