Introducing the Trustee Development in Multi Academy Trusts Programme.

Since 2002, the academy programme has been a central part of the education system and of successive governments’ plans for raising educational standards. Early successes in turning around failing schools resulted in the 2010 Academies Act. This renewed commitment to the academy programme changed the face of the education sector dramatically. The Act paved the way for converter academies, allowing schools to voluntarily become academies and step away from Local Authority control.

The changing landscape has dramatically changed the governance and leadership within the education sector and the rise of the Multi Academy Trust. The growth of Multi-Academy Trusts
(MATs) and changes to how performance is being measured means that schools are increasingly looking at converting to academy status with most of them forming, or joining, multi-academy trusts.

It is easy to think of a MAT as simply a ‘collaborative’ of schools. However, this understates the legal status of what a MAT is. In a MAT, it is the trust itself that is the legal entity, and not the schools, giving them the responsibility for the governance and accountability for the performance of each school in the group.

For leaders, having responsibility for multiple schools means a significant shift in terms of approach, strategy and the skills required to meet the challenges. It is crucial that senior educational leaders are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to lead and grow a successful Multi Academy Trust.

The Trustee Development in Multi Academy Trusts Programme provides the essential framework necessary to better understand all strategic aspects of leading within a Multi Academy Trust.


Programme Overview

This intensive programme will help participants to differentiate between the operational and strategic responsibilities of leadership and develop core professional skills to direct significant decisions within a complex and fast changing landscape.

Leaders of Multi Academy Trusts need to ensure that their stewardship and governance should focus on improving education standards. This requires leaders to have the right skill sets combined with the right mindset. It requires the ability to upskill and upscale the infrastructure, mindset, processes and systems of the Trust. Participants on this programme, whether educationalists or governors, will be able to develop a Trust Growth Plan focused on School Improvement and better outcomes for children whilst adhering to statutory responsibilities.


Your Options

We appreciate that your time is precious and costly so development programmes like our Multi Academy Trusts Programme need to fit around you and your academy. The programme has therefore been designed with the busy executive in mind giving participants the support they want and the way they want it.

The programme is available as an intensive 5 day accelerator course, or as 6 x 1 day modules:

  • Module one: MAT’s as Civic Structures and the Mindset required
  • Module two: Strategic Leadership for Trustees
  • Module three: Strategic Planning for Trustees
  • Module four: Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing and PR Communications
  • Module five: Finance for non-Finance Trustees
  • Module six: The Trustees role in Governance, Due Diligence and the Board



You can attend the Multi Academy Trusts Programme on an accredited basis and achieve a PGCert in Strategic Leadership for Educational Leaders.

If participants wish to gain the qualification, they will be required to complete 3 assignments, focussing on Leadership, Finance, and Strategic Marketing.


Learning Outcomes

Attendees of this programme will be well equipped to:

  • Develop a framework for conducting robust Due Diligence and an increased understanding of how to drive and deliver robust Trust growth.
  • Think and perform strategically versus operationally and develop coherent strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation
  • Detailed knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of Trustees, Directors and Governors including legal obligations, personal liabilities and expected duties and how these relate to your role in your Multi Academy Trust
  • Build crucial commercial, operational and leadership skills and knowledge as a cohesive team
  • Improved confidence and effectiveness operating at Board level management
  • Knowledge of the latest governance and board level best practice and principles
  • Development of the personal key skills to be more effective and influential at senior and board level to improve Trust performance.
  • Make improved and better-informed decisions, viewing challenges more objectively and deliver better results and improving learning outcomes across schools in the MAT.
  • An ability to lead and plan more strategically, identifying threats and exploiting new opportunities
  • Confidently interrogate financial data and challenge financial reports to make balanced, informed Board level decisions based on a deep understanding of financial data
  • Develop strategies and approaches for the effective management of stakeholders at Board level.


Programme modules
Module 1: MAT’s as Civic Structures and the Mindset required

This module will focus on the structure of a Multi Academy Trust, the relationship between the layers of governance and the requirements of having the right mindset in a new Civic Structure entity.

Module 2:  Strategic Leadership for Trustees

This module will provide a comprehensive introduction to current research and organisational practice in Leadership and Management.  The module will be specifically contextualised to reflect the challenges of Trustee level leadership in an Academy Trust

Module 3: Strategic Planning for Trustees

A module that will ask participants to discuss the complex and equivocal definitions of strategy, examine their own organisation’s strategy, and clearly define their own role in managing and leading strategy.  This module will also examine the challenge of change management, and strategies to manage change within Academy Trusts.

Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement, PR and Communications

This module will provide non-marketing Educational Leaders with the knowledge they need to develop a competitive Brand, manage external communications and engage effectively with PR in relation to an Academy Trust.

Module 5: Finance for non-Finance Trustees

Contextualised specifically for the management and scrutiny of financial decisions within Academy Trusts, this module will refresh and bring up to date existing financial Trustees and provide an engaging and vital introduction to financial management for non-finance managers.

Module 6: The Trustees role in Governance, Due Diligence and the Board

This Module will give delegates an essential understanding of the role of Case studies and group exercises around directors, trustees and members of Multi Academy Trusts. The course will explore good governance principles, provide up to date legal requirements and give Trustees a renewed confidence to tackle the increasing challenges facing educational leaders of MATs.

Attendees will gain insight into the governance of academy trust and the key foundations of strong governance structure.

5 Day Accelerator Programme

This programme is also available as a five day accelerator programme.


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