Becoming a leader

Name: Nicola Williams

Company: Morgan Marine Ltd

Course: CMI level 7 Advanced Sales Leadership Programme

Nicola is the Sales Office Manager at Morgan Marine Ltd, a designer, manufacturer and installer of enclosures and door sets, certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

With over 56 years’ experience in the industry, Morgan Marine is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosures, cabinets and covers. It has become a highly-respected company in its field.

Morgan Marine’s objectives are to have a clear strategy to expand and strengthen its status within its designated markets. Nicola attended the course to gain the skills to assist her in her current role.

Nicola’s thoughts

The most beneficial parts of the sales and leadership training were the sales strategy and profiling as these will support the development of my management style and enable me to develop a strong sales plan.

On the course I have significantly improved my understanding of what comprises a strong leader, and how to utilise different models in our strategy. Additionally, I have become more forward-thinking and I am maintaining solid relationships within my team.

I thought the course was extremely informative and interactive, allowing you to have discussions and share ideas with other delegates in similar roles but from a variety of different industries.

The tutor, Martin, explained and presented all the content clearly.

Applying the learning

The discussions, including how to utilise different strategy models, will help me to build a strong sales strategy. Staff and customer profiling will help me to understand my team as one unit, and as individual members. I have already begun to distribute the resilience and EQ questionnaires to the team and have investigated customer profiling for our key accounts.

I’m sure these learnings will continue to have a positive impact on my role, as well as providing with me a new found confidence.


I would recommend this sales and leadership training course to others who wish to have a deeper understanding in customer and team profiling, strategic concepts, and overall confidence-building as a leader.

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