Name: Tom Mahoney

Company: Carnival UK

Course: CMI Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme

Tom is a strategic planning director at international cruise operator Carnival UK, whose brands include P&O Cruises and Cunard.

The sector has inevitably been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with all cruise operations cancelled, leading to significant implications for cash flow.

Tom said the biggest challenge for Carnival UK is planning for the resumption of operations in a manner that protects the welfare of guests and crews, while still providing a memorable and familiar holiday experience.

Tom’s thoughts

I have progressed through the ranks into more senior roles and my key motivation for attending the programme was the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a more formal environment while learning from other leaders in different industries.

The programme offered a variety of different leadership themes, models and techniques, with two key learnings being how to self-reflect and to focus on continuous learning.

The advice I received from other participants really helped mould my own approach to leading a team.

At first, I was sceptical about four days of virtual leadership training. By nature, I’m a restless individual and as such have not always been the best classroom-based student.

On reflection, I was shocked at how engaged I remained throughout all four days!

The course offered the perfect mix of leadership themes while utilising a variety of difference learning approaches, including theoretical models, group discussions, case studies and practical examples.

The tutor, William McKee, was faultless. He was very engaging and knowledgeable, and delivered the programme with a great energy and humour.

Applying the learning

I’ve started keeping a leadership-based journal, which is already enabling me to self-reflect and learn as I go.

I’m also putting into practice some other gems I gained from the programme, specifically in approaching team conversations with a better understanding and awareness of each situation and, as a result, knowing which form of leadership is best practised at the time.

The course has helped me make better and more informed decisions as a result of having a wider knowledge base.


I would absolutely recommend this course. It’s a superb opportunity to self-reflect, to meet with and learn from other aspiring leaders, and to develop some core leadership-based skills. I was apprehensive about the virtual nature of the course, but the delivery was so spot-on that I needn’t have worried.

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