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Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme

Delivered in collaboration with the University of Chester, the Mini MBA Accelerator utilises key strategic and contemporary management ideas and techniques, which are fused with exemplary practice from the private and public sectors. It provides all the essential theory, practice and techniques of an MBA.

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Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme

The Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme is brought to life through meaningful and active methods, which embrace the modern marketing industry. The course will look at building brands and marketing strategies, digital marketing acquisition, conversion and retention, social media strategies, and much more.

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CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management Programme

The Leadership and Management Programme reflects current practice in Leadership and allows delegates to develop and expand their understanding and their application of leadership skills in the workplace. A range of theories will be used to expand and challenge pre-conceptions of current leadership practices.

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Why Choose Online Learning?

We strive to create a positive and lasting impact through the delivery of our courses. Which is why all our sessions are structured around taught theory, interactivity and shared experiences from the real world. Our online training courses are designed to create the optimum learning experience for the virtual environment.

What delegates can expect from our virtual classroom online courses


  • Four 90-minute interactive video sessions per day
  • Expertly taught course content
  • Highly engaging and participative learning
  • Bitesize delivery designed for optimum recall and impact
  • Video discussions direct with the tutor and other delegates
  • Interactive breakout sessions with other delegates to work through real world tasks and challenges
  • Regular breaks throughout a structured day


What delegates can expect after our virtual classroom online course


  • Full course content available as a download
  • Continued contact and support with the tutors and delegates
  • A certificate of completion, or the associated next steps to complete your accreditation
  • A wealth of new knowledge and skills to implement into your organisation


New to the virtual classroom? You can read our virtual classroom information guide here.


Alex Firmin

In Professional Development’s Associate Director of Programmes, Alex Firmin

“Our virtual classroom enables us to deliver the latest industry insights, research and thought leadership directly to you, wherever you are in the world. Combining best practice in teaching, and the latest technology, we make training engaging, interactive, and wholly relevant to the individuals in the group.


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The Benefits Of Virtual Classroom Learning:



With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, businesses are having to embrace remote working more than ever before. Through online learning you have the flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home. 



It’s very simple to book and attend on our virtual classroom online courses. You can book via our website or by speaking to one of our education consultants. You can reach us by phone 0161 509 2999 or by email [email protected].

Once your booking is confirmed you will be sent full instruction on how to join the course along with any pre-course material that you may require. In order to join your course, you will require internet connection, and ideally but not essential, a computer with a camera and microphone.

And don’t worry if you’re feeling technically challenged, our tutors and operations team will be on hand to offer joining support to anyone that requires it.



We have a fantastic range of courses now available online. Our course content spans subjects such as leadership and management, corporate governance, marketing, finance, agile working, coaching and mentoring, plus much more. You can view the full list of courses available via the virtual classroom here.


No Travel

With everything you need delivered via your computer, there’s no need to travel. Allowing you to more effectively use of your time, and reducing the need for any non-essential travel during times of health risks.


Cost savings

Delivering our courses via the internet means that we can deliver the same learning outcomes and course content for a heavily reduced price. We don’t have to pay for venues and printed materials like we do with our face to face delivered courses, and these savings are passed onto our learners. Giving you the same quality learning experience at a fraction of the price.



Through virtual attendance on one of our courses, you will meet a range of like-minded individuals from all sectors and industries. Participating in group discussions will allow you to share your experiences and hear from others, which can often form a fundamental part of your learning with us. You’ll have the opportunity to make solid connections with other delegates which can prove incredibly beneficial in the short, mid and long term.


Knowledge retention

Online courses can help you to retain and remember information in a more effective way than some face to face delivery. Through interactive sessions, tasks and video content we will ensure you are challenged throughout your learning to make the experience as impactful and beneficial as possible.


Post course support

Your learning journey doesn’t end when your online course comes to a close. Our tutors are on hand to offer ongoing support and advice should you need it. You’ll also receive a recording of the full course delivery, plus downloads of the course content and activities. So you can refresh on the tools and skills you have learnt at any point in the future.


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