Sales leadership training programme. In a World Gone Mad, Now’s the Time to Invest in Your Own Skills as a Sales Manager or Leader

Sales leadership and management roles commonly require a specific set of skills and talents: sales performance, team management, and organizational leadership to name a few. But nowadays we’re dealing with a world that feels like it’s been turned upside down – meaning those skills are more vital than ever to survive and thrive in the new economy.

That’s why we created the CMI Level 5 Sales Leadership and Management Programme. Despite today’s prevailing challenges, it’s a great time to enhance your skills and build your confidence in several people- and organisation-focused areas:

  • The fundamentals of leadership ethics, culture, and practice in organisations,
  • People-centred management: in order to get your sales up you need to ‘get’ your team
  • Recruiting and onboarding a team,
  • The difference between the roles of manager and leader – including identifying your ideal leadership style,
  • The ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ of managing sales performance,
  • Using diagnostics and tools to better drive sales performance,
  • How to motivate teams and drive positive sales behaviours,
  • How to have the hard conversations around team performance and development
Who’s this course for?

The Sales leadership training programme is ideal for those with a minimum 6-12 months sales management experience including executives, managers and business owners who are actively involved in the management of sales teams or functions.

Even if you’re new in your role as a sales manager, you’re already facing what may be the most difficult days of your career – setting or meeting sales goals in the middle of a pandemic, stressed clients and pressure from the bosses – all the while having to provide technical and moral support to your team.

Investing in your own growth, and that of your teams, will not only help to help you meet today’s goals, but also will future-proof both your operation and your career as a leader.

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