This unique CMI Level 7 Creating and Leading High-Performance Teams programme links proven management and leadership expertise direct to your organisation using bespoke management data. Giving you real world insight of what can be done against the backdrop of what is taking place in your own workplace. The 3-day programme equips you with the knowledge, techniques and baseline data to make an immediate impact on team performance.

The Creating and Leading High-Performance Teams programme explores the 7 key dynamics of high performing teams and equips you to release your potential as a leader whilst giving you a thorough understanding of how to maximise your teams’ performance. At the end of the programme you will have identified what opportunities you have to lever the strength of your team and also how to close those gaps that have been highlighted.

Creating the foundation for high performance teams is becoming ever more important for organisations operating in competitive environments where collaboration is increasingly seen as the solution to higher operational output. It is crucial organisations foster an engaged, motivated and highly effective workforce.


Who is this course for?

This training programme is designed for those leaders who want to take their team to a higher level of performance through developing personal and collective strengths and address the obstacles, long standing or recently surfaced, that keep getting in the way.

If you are leading a team, department or business, you will appreciate the complexity, challenge of building and leading high performance workforce.

  • Directors and C level executives
  • Heads of Department
  • Senior Leaders
  • Business owners

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Learning objectives

By the end of this Creating and Leading High-Performance Teams programme, the participants will have:

  • Gained hands-on experience in building, and leading teams in diverse contexts.
  • The ability to identify strategies to manage the different behavioural roles people take within a team and ways to improve team dynamics.
  • The understanding and knowledge to effectively manage strong individuals within a team and get the best from everyone
  • Established personal strategies and actions that will help you create and maintain a high performing team.
  • Be able to develop a clear direction and vision – motivating and driving the team towards the achieving the vision
  • The ability to effectively evaluate the team’s performance and create a team development plan that better enables achievement of team targets
  • The ability to develop new approaches to inspire a team and create a winning mentality
  • The skills to analyse the constituents of a ‘high performing’ team and understand how to build a ‘business case’ for team growth
  • The ability to assess team effectiveness, identify and implement appropriate actions
  • The knowledge to use the Team DNAmix model to create the environment and framework for a high performing team

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Do I get any formal accreditation for attending this course?

Yes, upon completion of our Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams programme you will complete 2 short assignments. Once submitted you will get the CMI accredited certificate ‘Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership for Directors’.

You can find out more about our accreditations on our Qualifications page.

What locations do you run this course?

This course is held in various locations across the UK. All of our courses are ran out of central locations with good transportation links, such as Manchester city centre or central London.

Who can attend this course?

Our level 7 Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams programme has been designed for C-level executives, Heads of department, Managers, Senior leaders and Directors. We suggest a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a management role.

You can see all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

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This course is for you if you want to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in building and leading teams
  • Identify strategies to manage the different behavioural roles to improve team dynamics
  • Learn how to develop a clear direction on vision
  • Learn to inspire and create a winning mentality
  • Learn how to effectively evaluate the team’s performance and create development plans

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