This 1-day Strategic Leadership Masterclass will introduce a range of leadership approaches and theories and focus on the application of these in the organisation to deliver improved performance. We will identify the challenges to new and emerging leaders and develop their decision-making ability by offering new options and approaches based on sound and proven theories.

Leadership is an area of business that has been the focus of research for years, using many different approaches. The nature – nurture debate has continued to be the basis of wide-ranging research for those seeking how to develop leaders effectively.

As an introduction to leadership, there are a number of critical areas that an effective leader needs to develop, including a focus on Emotional Intelligence and improved leadership awareness. Recent developments suggest that rather than be a manager or a leader, there is a need to manage the leadership paradoxes, and to select the right approach as appropriate. This fluid approach to leadership is becoming more essential to our new and future leaders to respond to the needs of an aging population, and new millennials in the workplace.

The Strategic Leadership Masterclass will adopt a pragmatic approach, focusing on individual needs, and allowing time to discuss approaches and to apply the learning in a supportive and safe environment.


Who is this course for?

This course will give you a fresh perspective on building trust, minimising conflict and managing towards strategic objectives.

  • Directors and owners
  • Experienced and time-served senior leaders
  • Newly appointed leaders or aspiring leaders

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Learning objectives

Through interactive presentations and open discussion, the facilitators will deliver a thought-provoking session, providing you with the key information, details and facts needed in an engaging and memorable environment:

On completion of this module, delegates will:

  • Understand the differences between leadership and management
  • Recognise the tension between managing and leading, and how to adapt appropriate behaviours
  • Be able to identify their priorities, and utilise their time effectively
  • Identify the key facets of emotional intelligence using the Goleman model
  • Select appropriate leadership approaches in line with different situations and individuals
  • Use appropriate approaches to maintain the motivation of their teams
  • Better utilise the strengths that individuals bring to their team-working
  • Analyse team development opportunities and lead these teams more effectively

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This course is for you if you want to:

  • Understand the differences between leadership and management
  • Identify the key facets of emotional intelligence
  • Learn different leadership approaches for different situations and individuals
  • Learn how to utilise the strengths that individuals bring to the team

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